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Research on Iran gets underway

Off-Highway Research has started the study phase of its latest Multi-Client Study research programme in Iran. The head of this exciting project, Paul Howard, is now in Tehran where he will be interviewing the country’s leading manufacturers, dealers, and government departments. The research programme in country is expected to last up to six weeks.

This project comes at a pivotal time in the future of the country’s construction equipment industry, which for decades has been stifled by the political problems that have faced Iran and the rest of the world. The result has been a marked lack of investment into the infrastructure which has greatly reduced the opportunities for growth in the construction equipment industry. With the easing of sanctions over the last 12 months, however, there is every sign that future demand will increase rapidly once the government’s construction plans are fully implemented, and equipment suppliers can confidently look forward to an exciting period of future growth.

View more details on the report and order your copy by clicking here.

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