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Surge forecast for Indian diesel engine sector

Last year some 54,179 diesel engines were installed in new construction machines for sale in India. This figure is forecast to rise to 80,100 in 2020, reflecting the strength of the Indian market on the back of the government’s major infrastructure investment programme.  This is expected to provide enormous growth opportunities not only for diesel engine producers, but also their suppliers, potential suppliers and the wider industry.

Off-Highway Research’s latest report on the market provides analyses of engine demand by equipment type and manufacturer, as well as by horsepower, providing a forensic analysis of the sector and invaluable market intelligence for engine manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

In addition to a historical market perspective, this in-depth 230 page report provides forecasts by equipment type to 2020, and goes on to break this down by engine horsepower.  The result is a fascinating review of where the opportunities lie, both for the engine manufacturers and the wider supply chain, in this dynamic and fast-growing market.

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