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Long-term opportunities in Myanmar

Since the dissolution of the Myanmar’s military dictatorship in 2011, after almost 50 years of rule, the country has seen a period of reform and renewed investment.  This has translated into a promising construction market which was previously difficult to access.

Following a three month research programme, which included personal interviews with all the key construction equipment distributors in the country, Off-Highway Research has produced a new 150-page latest Multi-Client Study, The Construction Equipment Industry in Myanmar.   We believe this is the most comprehensive study of the market in Myanmar ever produced.

Last year more than 1,819 pieces of construction equipment were sold in Myanmar, along with a further 1,375 agricultural tractors. This represented a fall from the previous year and the construction equipment market was 30 per cent lower than the recent high seen in 2011.

However, the market is expected to regain similar levels to those seen five years ago by 2020, with the crawler excavator segment expected to continue to be by far the most significant segment of the industry.

The report provides in-depth insight into the market, with analysis of 15 types of construction equipment and agricultural tractors, along with profiles of 15 major equipment distributors.

The Construction Equipment Industry in Myanmar provides invaluable insights into the market, helping you identify new opportunities and grow your business.

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