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Special Report on Brexit

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will have far-reaching effects on the country’s construction equipment industry. These are discussed in detail in a new 50-page special report from Off-Highway Research, The Impact of Brexit on the UK Construction Equipment Industry.

The unexpected result of the June referendum has already had a number of effects on the industry including lower than previously expected UK equipment sales due to uncertainty and the weakening of the British economy, higher prices for construction equipment in the UK due to the sharp depreciation of the Pound and increased price competitiveness of UK-made construction equipment at home and on export markets due to the depreciation of the Pound.

These are discussed in depth in the report, with detailed analysis across 14 individual equipment types and with discussion of the impacts for key suppliers of these products.

The report also includes a five-year forecast for sales of construction equipment in the UK, which has been developed following a series of in-depth industry interviews, following the referendum result. Sales of construction equipment in the UK are expected to be 10 per cent lower than 2015, compared to the previous, pre-Brexit forecast of an eight per cent decline. The trend of lower than previously expected sales is expected to endure for at least three years, and the impact for different types of construction equipment is discussed in detail in the report.

The final section of the report discusses the different models which may be adopted for the UK’s departure from the EU, and looks at their implications for the country’s construction and construction equipment industries.

Many aspects of Britain’s future are uncertain as it prepares to negotiate its departure from the European Union. This report can help you understand the issues and plan for the future. It is designed to address the interests and concerns of UK-based manufacturers and dealers, as well as those based elsewhere in the world.

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