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VIDEO: The Global Mobile Crane Industry

Off-Highway Research has produced a brief video discussing the key findings of one of its latest reports, the Global Mobile Crane Industry. This provides a high-level view of some of the drivers which have affected the industry over the last five years, and also presents our global forecast to 2020.

The full 250-page report of course goes into much finer detail on these issues, and in-depth regional analysis of China, Europe, India, Japan and North America provides an insight into the drivers for growth in different parts of the world.

Publication of the 250 page report follows a six-month research period. The opening section offers a global overview of the sector, which is followed by detailed analyses of the five key markets: China, Europe, Japan, India and North America.  Each section assesses the structure of the region’s industry: historical crane sales, broken down by type and by weight class, production by manufacturer, further broken down by type and weight class, component sourcing, foreign trade, the active population of machines, average transaction prices, market shares and customer groups, and a five-year forecast. 

The final section of the report offers detailed profiles of 22 of the world’s largest mobile crane manufacturers, followed by details of models available.

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