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Tractor sales in China to stabilise

Demand for agricultural tractors in China grew strongly last year after a sharp dip in 2014. However, 2015’s increase is being viewed as an unnatural spike in sales, and the market is expected to fall again in 2016 and stabilise for the coming years with at around 250,000 tractors per year.

This sales trend, among many other aspects of the Chinese agricultural tractor market are discussed in a new report from Off-Highway Research.  The study forms part our Chinese service subscription, but can also be bought separately.

Among the issues covered in-depth in the report is how changes in subsidy policy are re-shaping sales of agricultural equipment in China, in terms of driving popularity for different types of equipment and different technology levels. This also has an impact on overall sales.

“While the government continues to promote the mechanisation of agriculture, the existing fleet of tractors seems able to cope with the workload. This is reflected in flat sales in recent years, even though subsidy policies have continued to offer incentives to buy. This means future market dynamics are likely to be driven by the replacement and upgrading of the existing fleet,” said the report.

In addition to discussing sales, market size and market shares, the report also looks at tractor production and component sourcing, imports and exports of tractors in  China, pricing, sales by power band and by customer types and the overall tractor population in China. It also offers a five-year sales forecast for the market

Click here for more details on Off-Highway Research’s new Chinese Equipment Analysis: Agricultural Tractors

Click here for more details of how to subscribe to our Chinese Service

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