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VIDEO: New account administration features

Off-Highway Research is rolling out a new user licence model and administration facility for clients. This will allow you to take greater control over your accounts and subscriptions, while addressing potential issues of security and corporate governance.

Under the new system, clients will be able to allocate a number of users to their account, with individual access rights and passwords; improve their security and management of access rights by avoiding the sharing of passwords; manage user access as staff leave and join the organisation; avoid breaches of corporate codes of conduct such as copyright violations, due to uncontrolled access by an excessive number of users; select the type of licence which is right for you, given your company size and the number of users

This change will take effect as you renew your subscriptions in 2017, and as part of the process we will introduce the necessary new terms and conditions. By default, clients existing subscription will be converted to a single site licence, which will allow up to five users in a single location. If this is not appropriate for your needs and company size, there will be options to extend this to a multiple site licence – up to 10 users and up to three sites – or a bespoke global site licence.

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