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Stability for German compressor sector

Sales of mobile compressors in Germany are expected to remain stable at around 2,000 units per year over the medium term, according to Off-Highway Research’s latest report.

The market hit a peak in the early 1990s, following the reunification of Germany. This period saw as many as 10,000 units sold per year.  The prolonged market slump following the reunification-linked building boom saw sales decline drastically, and although there was some recovery in the mid-2000s, another slump followed in the wake of the global financial crisis. Since sales have rarely to exceeded 2,000 units per year, and this level is seen as the natural size of the market today.

The segment has had to bear significant cost increases due to more and more stringent diesel engine exhaust emission regulations. Although these predominantly affect larger machines, the impact on price has been huge, as the engine is the main component in a compressor.

Having said this, the industry still enjoys reasonable health and stability. A number of new applications for compressors have emerged in the last decade or so, and there are areas where compressors will always be needed in construction, as some applications require the delivery of pressurised air as a core part of the process. These may be as diverse as fibre optic cable blowing, shotcrete spraying and blast cleaning.

These market changes are discussed in depth in Off-Highway Research’s new 30-page report on the mobile compressor industry in Germany, with sections covering market size & trends, market shares, production, population & end users, a five-year forecast and pricing, among others. The report is available to subscribers to our European Service, but can also be bought separately from the online store. Click here for more details.

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