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Annual reviews now available

The Annual Reviews from Off-Highway Research’s Chinese, European and Indian Services are now available to download. They form part of the Chinese, European and Indian Services, but are also available for non-subscribers to buy as stand-alone reports.

Off-Highway Research’s Annual Reviews provide the definitive view of key equipment markets, and feature our latest forecasts. OEMs, component suppliers and other participants in the global construction equipment industry find these invaluable, helping them form strategic plans, identify market opportunities and grow their businesses profitably.

Each report includes a comprehensive review of the market in question in 2016, with product-by-product analysis and country-by-country commentary in the case of the European Annual Review. Data in each report includes five years of historic sales by product type, and forecasts by product type to 2021. In addition, a common ‘International Perspectives’ section offers a snapshot of sales and production in the major markets of China, Europe, India, Japan and North America. The reports are also presented in a new style, which has been designed to be easier for clients to read and navigate.

As a further enhancement, all Off-Highway Research data tables are directly available as an Excel file from the PDF of the report. The embedded Excel document is accessed by clicking the speech bubble icon in the margin next to each table. This makes it easier than ever for clients to incorporate Off-Highway Research information into their own in-house planning tools.

If you are not a subscriber and would like to buy an Annual Review, click here for the European Annual Review, click here for the Chinese Annual Review and click here for the Indian Annual Review in our e-commerce store. Alternatively, contact to place your order. Samples of previous year’s Annual Reviews are also available to view – click here for a sample European Review, click here for a sample Chinese Review and click here for a sample Indian Review.

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