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New analysis of Chinese skid-steer loader industry

Although they are a niche product, sales of skid-steer loaders in China have held up well in recent years, at a time when the wider construction equipment market has plummeted. Indeed, demand for these machines grew almost 50 per cent between 2012 and 2016.

Off-Highway Research believes the Chinese skid-steer loader segment could experience steep growth over the next five years, as the health of the wider equipment markets improve. And although the appeal of skid-steer loaders can only broaden from their current niches in certain construction and agricultural applications, there are barriers to growth.

“Sales to the broader range of applications are currently being hampered by high purchase prices which make the product out of the reach of many buyers, who currently prefer cheaper machines like the economical type of wheeled loader,” said the report.

Although there is significant skid steer loader manufacture in China, it is an area where imported products account for the majority of sales. Meanwhile, China exports a high proportion of its skid steer loader production.

The lack of a well-developed rental sector in China is also a barrier to wider adoption.

Off-Highway Research’s study on the Chinese skid-steer loader segment forms part of the company’s Chinese Service, and is now available to subscribers via the Internet Access Service. More information on the Chinese Service is available here. The report is also available to buy as a stand-alone product. Click here for more details.

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