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Start of research for four major Multi-Client Studies

Off-Highway Research has launched the research phase for a range of new Multi-Client Studies and Special Reports to be published in September. The reports will cover the construction equipment industries in Poland and South Korea, the global hydraulic excavator industry and the Chinese powered access sector.

The studies on Poland and South Korea will include detailed analysis of the market for some 15 individual types of construction equipment. As well as this sales analysis, they will look in-depth at construction equipment production, data by machine type and manufacturer, along with detailed manufacturer profiles. Further sections will include distributor profiles and pertinent background information on the national economies. Both reports will include a five-year market forecast.

Meanwhile, the forthcoming report on the global excavator industry – covering crawler, wheeled and mini excavators - will provide detailed analysis of this 375,000 machine, US$36 billion segment for the first time. The report will feature a global overview and individual chapters on key markets such as China, Europe, Japan, India and North America.  Each section will look at excavator sales overall and by type and weight class, production (including component sourcing), imports and exports, the active population of machines, market shares and customer groups, and provide a five-year forecast.  Additional sections will include manufacturer profiles, contact details and details of models available.

Off-Highway Research’s report on the dynamic and fast-growing powered access industry in China will analyse the market size by platform type and size class and look at historic growth trends. Further sections will cover production volumes by manufacturer and identify suppliers of key components, and look at other market dynamics, such as retail pricing levels, marketing and distribution arrangements, customer groups and end-users, and the size of the current working fleet of platforms in China. The report will also include profiles on key manufacturers, dealers and rental companies in the powered access industry.

All of Off-Highway Research’s reports include a five-year sales forecast.

Off-Highway Research’s Multi-Client Studies offer unrivalled insights, helping businesses to expand into growth markets and plan their investments based on the most rigorous and highly respected research and forecasts available in the industry.

All three reports will be published in September 2017, but can be pre-ordered in advance:

Click here to pre-order The Construction Equipment Industry in Poland

Click here to pre-order The Construction Equipment Industry in South Korea

Click here to pre-order The Global Hydraulic Excavator Industry

Click here to pre-order The Powered Access Industry in China

The new titles will add to Off-Highway Research’s already extensive library of Multi-Client Studies. Titles added in 2016 included reports on Iran, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, The Global Mobile Crane Industry and the Indian Diesel Engine Industry. Other recent titles cover Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.


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