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Internet Access Service
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Internet Access Service
The Internet Access Service
Subscribers can download reports from Off-Highway Research's full range of Services straight from the Internet, using Off-Highway Research's Internet Access Service. This Service enables all subscribers to immediately view, update and download all of the reports and databases to which they are entitled. The Service is fast, enormously efficient, secure and robust to allow the maximum number of clients to take advantage of the facility.
How can the Internet Access Service be reached?
Very simply, and through the login below or the link in the top left hand corner of this website. Alternatively. It can be found at

  Internet Access Login
What are the advantages of the Internet Access Service?
It enables any client to see a report within minutes wherever you might be in the world – if you have a connection to the Internet, you have a connection to the Internet Access Service.
You no longer need hard copies with you, or take up valuable disk space on your computer: everything can be downloaded within a matter of moments.
All databases can be updated, refreshed and reviewed immediately.
Invariably people lose hard copies – now you can download replacements, and not wait for an e-mail or a hard copy replacement.
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