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Private Client Research
Many clients need to address a problem which is outside the scope of one of the Services outlined earlier, and turn to the specialist skills of Off-Highway Research on a private and confidential basis.
Using Off-Highway Research's Capabilities

The Brief
If you think that your research needs can be met by our consultancy skills, the first step is to arrange a meeting with a consultant of Off-Highway Research to discuss your research needs with him and to provide him with a full brief.

The Proposal
Based on the briefing given at the meeting, a proposal will be submitted setting out the purpose and objectives of the work, the scope, methods to be employed, personnel to be used, time and cost.  There is no charge for a proposal unless, by prior arrangement, a long initial diagnostic study is needed.  Proposals are flexible and can be readily amended to meet a client's needs more fully.

The Research Programme
The Managing Director of Off-Highway Research is personally responsible for each assignment.  He briefs the staff required, arranges for any outside services needed and directs the project.  He and the staff concerned are available for consultation and discussion at all stages.  Close communication with the client is essential to the success of a project and for the client to obtain maximum value from it.

Unless the client wishes otherwise, all work is strictly confidential to the client who has commissioned it.  Copyright, however, remains with Off-Highway Research.  Publication of the results of any assignment to third parties is subject to the prior written agreement of the Off-Highway Research.

The Cost of Private Client Research
The consultancy does not begin any assignment before timing, fees and costs are agreed with the client.  A firm fee will be quoted for a specified job, or if preferred, on a daily, weekly or contract basis.  This is assessed on the cost of the inputs budgeted for the job.  The quoted costs are never exceeded unless, by agreement, the scope of the work has been altered.

Examples of Consultancy Projects

Various types of ad-hoc research and consultancy projects are as follows:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Market feasibility studies
  • End-user surveys
  • Technological and market forecasts
  • Planning and marketing strategy studies
  • Diversification and acquisition studies
  • Financial studies

Examples include:

  • The appointment of dealers in the UK and France.
  • The European market for teeth systems in backhoe loaders.
  • Requirements of backhoe loader operators.
  • Potential for a fast travel, multi-purpose tractor.
  • The European market for skid-steer loaders.
  • Financing and leasing in European construction equipment markets.
  • The relationship between OEMs and their suppliers.
  • Component sourcing for construction equipment manufacturers.
  • Competitive OEM strategies
  • The viability of plant hire in 5 European countries.
  • An assessment of the European earthmover tyre market.
  • Diesel engine forecasts for Uzbekistan.
  • Trends in cab design and OEMs' requirements.
  • Selecting a dealer in China.
  • The Chinese market for compact equipment.
  • Identifying JV partners in China.
Contact us regarding Private Client Research by E-mail: or Tel: + 44 (0) 1892 786 270
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